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About us

Our history

1. Creation

The "COLOMBO" brand was founded in Colle Val d'Elsa in 1953, thanks to Mr. Giubbolini, owner of a wholesale grocery store. He produced a baking powder for cakes and salads in his laboratory, which was initially packaged manually, with the help of his daughter Anna, and sold in shops throughout the province of Siena.

2. La Dolciaria

In 1983, it was taken over by "La Dolciaria", a company founded by Renzo Mariotti and operating in the confectionery/food sector since 1961. Today it is managed by his son Leonardo and business partner Sergio Rossi.

3. Safi

... in 1994, "La Dolciaria" acquired the "SAFI" brand, well-known in the Marche region, particularly for its Vanillinate baking powder and today, thanks to the continuous development of the company, you can find a wider range of products on the market, distributed in DO, GDO and catering.

4. Continuous evolution

Ever since the beginning, our company has always tried to develop itself in the technological field too in order to have a good flexibility of working and to respond to the needs of a market in continuous evolution. We now have modern, functional equipment that allows us to achieve levels of productivity and quality that serve all types of customers, from products for bars, to large retailers, the catering sector and tourist facilities.


The continuous research on selected materials and innovative formulas has provided us with a wide range of products, now sold through large-scale retailing in central Italy (G.D.O. and D.O.), and in the rest of the country through traditional wholesale and pharmacies.
Since 2002, our gluten-free products (baking powder, icing and vanilla sugars, potato starch) have been published in the handbook of the A.I.C. (Italian Celiac Association).

Our products are present on the AIC handbook (Italian Celiac Association) and are guaranteed 100% gluten free.

Our company has successfully achieved IFS certification